2017 Meursault Joseph Drouhin Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

Founded in Beaune in 1880, the Maison Joseph Drouhin gradually expanded from the cellars of the Dukes of Burgundy and the Kings of France (12th to 18th centuries) to the Moulin de Vaudon (18th century) in Chablis.

A few kilometers south of Beaune, in the prestigious Côte des Blancs region. This is truly one of the oldest villages, because the Mont Milan camp, which dominates the current village, was first built and occupied by Neolithic men (2,500 BC) before being so by the Gauls (- 500) then by the Romans (1st century) to be abandoned for the village of Meursault built during the Gallo-Roman period where the name Muris Saltus was attributed.

At first sight, the wine is a perfect illustration of its place name. It is worthy of the wonderful Meursault whose color is golden without being yellow. 

The nose, concentrated and elegant, full without being heady, evokes aromas of almond, warm bread just taken out of the oven, hot croissant, then, fine spice and finally grilled dried fruit.

The palate is round and silky, the finish is long with aromas of yellow plum and gingerbread. 

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