2017 Merlot Riserva Kastelaz Elena Walch Alto-Adige G01 - Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

The Vigna Kastelaz arranged on narrow terraces and favored by a unique microclimate, sees lined up steep rows overlooking the village of Tramin. From here comes the homonymous Merlot Vigna Kastelaz labeled Elena Walch.
A Merlot Riserva that tells us about the best oenological beauties of South Tyrol.

Left to ferment with maceration on the skins, it ages in French oak barrels for 18 months and is then completed with a long refinement in the bottle.
It is red with a gentle and caressing character, but at the same time capable of showing its strength and determination in times of need. It is a Merlot with all the trimmings.

The ruby-red that reveals itself to the eye is brilliant and intense. 
The nose develops on notes of black cherries and ripe plums and then continues with caramelized and delicately toasted hints. 
The sip is guided by a soft tannic texture, with spices and sapidity that are combined with a fruity and persistent elegance.

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