2017 Côte Rôtie La Mouline Etienne Guigal - Rhône Valley Red

St Barth’s Wine

The treasures are born in the very heart of the most legendary of the illustrious plots of the Maison Guigal. These precious bottles are as coveted as they are rare and have benefited from extreme care at every stage of the process, from the vine to the cellars. They are the sole incarnation of the inspiration and inheritance of centuries of viticulture in an exceptional terroir.

The Côte-Rôtie La Mouline is one of the most emblematic of the Guigal domain’s wines. Small quantities are produced each year from a vineyard in the heart of the ‘côte blonde’. This is a voluptuous, silky and intensely aromatic wine.

Grape Variety: 89% Syrah, 11% Viognier.

Visual: Ruby red color with vermilion red reflections.
Olfactory: Small red fruits, blackberry and floral aromas of violets,… Powerful but fine aromatic intensity.
Gustative: Very supple entry in the mouth and beautiful harmony between the finesse of the aromas and the explosive richness due to the concentration of this wine.
Overall: Feminine wine with a voluptuous texture and silky velvety, intensely aromatic.

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