2017 Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses Comte Vogüé C2 - Burgundy Red

St Barth’s Wine

With more than 500 years of history and the lion’s share of one of Burgundy’s most hallowed grand crus, Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé is a cornerstone of Burgundian legend and a vinous dream for modern connoisseurs.

Certainly, the greatest estate in Chambolle-Musigny if not in greater Burgundy, de Vogüé for 20 generations has been the steward of the village’s top terroirs. The estate owns some 80 percent of grand cru Le Musigny and a significant portion of grand cru Bonnes-Mares. Its premier cru Chambolle-Musigny is crafted exclusively from younger vine fruit in Musigny. The style of de Vogüé is the epitome of Chambolle—delicate aromas, refined yet profound flavors, a finish made of silk. These are wines that come into their own not ten years down the line but 30.

An exuberantly spicy, complex, pure and strikingly elegant nose is composed of black fruit, violet and plums aromas that are trimmed in just a hint of sandalwood.

The equally complex, naturally sweet and rich mouth coating flavors exude so much minerality that they are like rolling small pebbles around in the mouth while displaying a seductively textured, refined and beautifully balanced finish that offers a sneaky good length.

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