2016 Pouilly Vinzelles Quarts Millerandé La Soufrandière Bret Brothers Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

The Cuvée Millerandée is a selection of the older vines in Les Quarts (70 years old). The word « Millerandé » describes grapes whose natural fertilization partly failed due to the vine’s old age and also to the nature of the soil ad sub-soil found on parts of the Quarts. Indeed the « Millerandées » berries are so small that they concentrate sugars, organic acids and aroma precursors.

The nose explodes in fruit. It is a mixture of apricots and pineapple which ends with a touch of toast subtly brought in by the passage in barrels.

The palate is rich, complex, fruity and well balanced. The acidity brings freshness to a buttery and endless finish.

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