2016 Pouilly Fumé Buisson Renard Didier Dagueneau Loire Valley White

St Barth’s Wine

Didier Dagueneau wine`s smelled not of Sauvignon Blanc but of Spring. Sipping the Buisson Renard was like standing beneath a waterfall: the flavors were clean, limpid eerily palpable, a soft shock. The silex was not the parody flintlock of popular myth; it was pure, sappy, soaring, rich, finishing with just a hint of stone after rain. Not expecting this calm and majestic retreat from the varietal.

Complexity and refinement impose themselves on the nose, exhaling fragrances of jasmine, lemon verbena, juicy nectarine and orange. 

The palate displays a crazy charm, with a powerful and caressing scale, balanced by a racy minerality sparkling with purity. 

Palatability with citrus nuances guided by noble bitters towards a saline finish mixed with eternal white flowers.

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