2016 Marquis de Mons Margaux G01 - Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

The Marquis de Mons is the second wine of the Château La Tour de Mons which is a property in one piece, a real enclosed, established in the northern part of the Margaux appellation. Several generations have succeeded in these lands since the origin of the castle in the thirteenth century. 

The castle is classified Cru Bourgeois during the famous classification of 1936. Since the 1990s, a major renovation program was set up by the new owners: construction of a new winery and an air-conditioned storage cellar, important drainage program, rational management of the vineyard in the interest of a sustainable ecological balance. 

Beautiful dark robe with garnet reflectionsTheThe nose is complex, it offers beautiful aromas of black fruits accompanied by woody notes. 

The palate is frank from the mouth attack and has a beautifully dense and supple structure. The finish is on the freshness accompanied by a beautiful lingering taste.

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