2016 Château Giscours Margaux P7 - Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

Giscours has a long, rich history, which can be traced back to the fourteenth century. At that time it was a defensive tower overlooking a wild and inhospitable region. The real beginning came in 1552, when Pierre de Lhomme, a wealthy Bordeaux draper, bought a nobleman’s house called “Guyscoutz”; he proceeded to turn it into a vast estate and planted the first vines. Wine production was launched and each of the rich merchant’s successors made their own contribution to this magnificent building.

It was in the nineteenth century under the promise, Pescatore and Cruse families that Giscours gained much of its finery: the château was transformed into a neoclassical palace, architect Eugene Bülher and the production facilities were modernized with the construction of huge buildings, including the famous Ferme Suzanne. Grape variety : 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot.

The dress of this incredible vintage is purple. Intense color with deep black blue reflections. The nose is prodigiously pure with fresh floral aromas. 
Thie nose is charming thanks to a perfect mastery of the grape varieties. 
On the Palate it has a straight attack, lanky and powerful while remaining classic. 
The tannins are present and sweet. The wine releases aromas of ripe and pure fruit in the middle of the mouth. The finish is idyllic, long with persistent notes.

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