2016 Chardonnay Heitz Cellars Napa - California White

St Barth’s Wine

In 1961, Joe and Alice purchased their first vineyard, 8 acres just south of St. Helena. Working out of the small winery attached to the parcel, they put in round-the-clock sweat equity to build their business. Heitz Wine Cellars rapidly established a reputation as a home base for one of Napa Valley's most innovative and brilliant winemakers, and the unassuming winery soon became a prestigious destination for wine connoisseurs. All of the best elements of the varietal are seamlessly aligned in the 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay.

This rich, complex Chardonnay is surprisingly bright and elegant on the palate.

Lush aromatics open effortlessly into flavors of ripened melon and apricot.

A creamy texture mid-palate is nicely balanced with refreshing acidity and mineral notes that carry the wine to a long, lovely finish.

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