2016 Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses 1er Cru Lucien Le Moine Burgundy Red

St Barth’s Wine

The monks call him Lucien, his friends call him The Monk. Mounir Saouma's real name is a living legend, a druid winemaker. A crazy lover of Burgundy, he learns there the cogs with his uncle, the father abbot. When he arrives in France with his wife Rothem, the Côte d'Or embodies his asylum. He likes to take care of several domains before creating his own, by working the grapes of winegrowers friends. Very quickly, he gets supplies of first and great wines of choice. In total, 38 Burgundian crus are now bottled under its own label and the name of the estate is all found: Lucien Le Moine. The juices are vinified and aged according to the old and traditional Burgundian techniques, learned at the Monastery. The whole range is not long in imposing itself at the top of the great Burgundy wines. Magical, history is as much as wine.

This esteemed vineyard bordering Musigny and Clos de Vougeot regularly produce one of Lucien Le Moine’s most celebrated wines. Mounir says that the vineyard parcel from which his wine comes from has roots that go deep into the rocks, and the wine can be described as one with a lot of minerality, but with very little tannin or acidity, and notably a character of a very limited attack that draws out to an incredibly persistent finish.

A very fresh and subtly floral nose of airy red pinot fruit and spice nuances leads to intense, energetic and gorgeously textured middle weight flavors that possess evident minerality on the highly complex, balanced and strikingly persistent finish where the only nit is a hint of warmth. This too is quite lovely. 

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