2015 Amiral de Beychevelle Saint Julien Bordeaux Red

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Multiple Vintage Available:

2015, 2010,  Bottle750ml   


Imagine the château at the beginning of the 17th century… The first Duke of Épernon has just become its owner. The reputation of Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette this great French admiral was such that as boats passed in front of his estate, they would lower their sails to show their allegiance. This deep mark of respect gave rise to the château’s emblem, a ship with a griffon-shaped prow, its name in Gascon, Bêcha vêla, (meaning "baisse voile", "lower the sails") later became Beychevelle.

The rigorous selection process underwent by the grand vin results in the creation of its younger brother, Amiral de Beychevelle. Despite being made from young vines, Amiral de Beychevelle benefits from the same growing techniques, meticulous sorting, and traditional barrel aging. It has the same elegance and finesse as its older brother, but reveals its character more quickly, offering wine-enthusiasts the full vivacity of its youth. It can be kept for up to fifteen years, depending on the vintage. Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 67%, Merlot 33%.

Ruby red with a deep concentration. Nice mix of black and red fruits, pepper, cinnamon and bay leaf. Noble nose. Powerful attack with great elegance, young tannins with great aging potential, crunchy fruits, spices, dark chocolate, impressive final finesse.

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