2013 Montrachet Grand Cru Bouchard Père & Fils G01 - Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

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Le Montrachet has its origins in the 13th century. The Cistercian monks were donated a few vineyards on " le Mont Chauve " or " Mont Rachaz " between Puligny and Chassagne. Over the centuries, Le Montrachet was nicknamed the "Vigne Blanche du Seigneur" or "Roi des Rois"-"King of Kings".

It is today considered to be the greatest of all dry white wines in the world. On extremely barren land, it is very proof that the greatest wines often come from the most extreme growing conditions. In 1838, Bouchard Père & Fils acquired 89 "ares" (36 hectares) of this unique vineyard.

Exquisite bouquet with a variety of aromas skillfully blended with a toasted note. The perfect harmony between power, smoothness and delicacy. The "King of Kings". Very good aging potential.

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