2014 Les Fiefs de Lagrange Saint Julien Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

The history of Château Lagrange began with Jean Valère Cabarrus, who bought the estate in 1796 and extended it before selling it in 1825. The estate then went through difficult times (war, wine crises and economic recession) and numerous owners came and went. Since its purchase in 1983 by the Japanese Suntory Group and management by Marcel Ducasse, the priority has been on restoring the value of the vineyard and modernizing the winemaking facilities. All this has contributed to making Château Lagrange one of the top Saint-Julien wines. Les Fiefs de Lagrange is an ideal second wine, it displays all the finesse, elegance and balance of this prestigious terroir.

Strongly colored and robust with classic Médoc tannins. Very rich, ripe wine with fairly low acidity, thanks to the remarkably strict selection, this wine shows consistent quality. As it ages, it develops finesse and refinement.

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