2013 Château Figeac Saint Emilion Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

The history of Château Figeac dates back several millennia, more precisely to the 2nd century, during the Gallo-Roman era. At the time, the Figeacus family owned a luxurious villa on the site of the current castle. Over the course of history, the castle has seen several changes: fire, reconstruction, and many owners. It was not until 1892 that the Figeac estate fell into the hands of the current owners: the Manoncourt family. Helped by his wife Marie-France, Thierry Manoncourt tackled the restructuring of the vineyard in 1947, working to make the estate one of the largest in Bordeaux. 

A beautiful red color, deep and sustained, which reveals very fruity aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant. 

On the palate, the attack is frank with fullness and a supple and silky substance. The final note confirms the finesse of the tannins.

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