2017 Meursault Faiveley Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

Initially a plasterer, painter and glazier, Joseph Faiveley began his merchant business in 1860. His curious nature and pioneering spirit led him to export his wines to Northern Europe, in particular to Belgium and the Netherlands, with whom he exchanged his wines for textiles. France was under Napoleon the 3rd's Second Empire at the time, a period of economic prosperity based on liberalism and free trade. Joseph also owned the vine parcels that he had inherited from his uncle and he continued to oversee the Domaine until he was almost 90 years old. A daring visionary, he built solid, timeless foundations for the future of Domaine Faiveley.

A brilliant pale yellow color.  The attractive aromas of white and yellow fruits mix with light woody notes.  

On the palate, this wine meets up to the expectations of its aromas: it has a round and full attack before the vanilla and toasty tastes reveal themselves. Good long-lasting aromas. The finish is slightly acid.

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