2011 Cuvée A. Clementi Franciacorta Rosé Cà del Bosco Sparkling Lombardy E04- Italy

St Barth’s Wine

Harmony. A whispered sound. A hue hinted at. The perception of a fragrance. Perfection melds with subtlety in the balanced shades of a Franciacorta Rosé from pinot nero grapes only, shaped by hands that knew exactly when to separate the must from the skins during maceration.

A moment caught to obtain the peerless deep pink hue before seven years of patient maturation coaxed out an aroma-laden bouquet of sublime finesse. Supreme balance on the palate, a unique shade of pink and a perlage of the tiniest bubbles. Cuvée Annamaria Clementi Rosé, a rare example of poise and excellence, is dedicated to the woman who founded Ca' del Bosco.

Grape Varieties: 100 % Pinot Nero.

Cuvée Annamaria Clementi Rosé's Minute and persistent perlage. Coral pink.
On the nose, A catwalk of currants, raspberries, rosolio, cedarwood and pink grapefruit, followed by black bread, paprika and mineral salts.
On the palate,freshcreamy, fruity and fruity-fruity flavour opening, followed by a mineral accompaniment ennobled by the inflexible fresh-sapid vein. A long and multicolored taste echo.

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