2010 Pinot Noir Krafuss Alois Lageder Alto-Adige - Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

The Alois Lageder winery in Alto Adige comprises fifty hectares of the family's own vineyards, which are managed on the basis of biodynamic principles. Our holistic approach is reflected in our wine-growing activities, our long-standing relationships with numerous grape growers and our ambition to create awareness for an agriculture that is in tune with nature.

A classy and elegant Pinot Noir from Alto Adige that takes a little bit of time to get going, but once it emerges from its tightly wound cocoon, it delivers significant intensity.

Aromas are big and sweeping, recalling cherry and oak, while the palate offers hints of cranberry, pine resin, baking spice and lots of dimensions. Very smooth and crisp on the palate, with enough modesty to complement a host of foods.

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