2009 Le Petit Lion de Léoville Las Cases Saint Julien Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

In recent years, several vineyard plots in the Clos Léoville Las Cases were uprooted and replanted, and these are now coming into production. To preserve the quality level of the Grand Vin, Château Léoville Las Cases, therefore, decided it would create a second wine, from the 2007 vintage.

The Petit Lion shares the philosophy of its two elder siblings; it is vinified and aged in order to preserve its fresh, ripe fruit flavor throughout its life. However, it is designed as a second wine and is therefore made to be more accessible and for earlier drinking, with a significant proportion of Merlot used in the blend.

The second vintage of Le Petit Lion, and the first where the vintage really was good enough to showcase its potential. It's made up of the oldest Merlot grapes of the estate, together with the youngest Cabernet Sauvignons. It's the rich black cherry in color, with spicy aromatics coming to the fore on the nose. The tannins are pretty bouncy, with clear freshness running through

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