2008 Château Cos Labory Saint Estèphe Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

Multiple Vintage Available:

2008, 2015,  Bottle750ml 


The name of the estate comes from its geographical location on the Cos hill and the name of François Labory, who was the first owner until 1845. Mr. d'Estournel then acquired it before selling it again to an English banker, Charles Martyns in 1852. The property was finally taken over by George Weber in the 1930's, who bequeathed it to his daughter and son-in-law, François Audoy in 1959.

Dark red dress, good intensity, beautiful. Nose clean, fruity, fresh. Similar to the bustle, with a hint of cedar. The entry in the mouth is remarkable. The wine is fat, juicy, silky, then it takes a more sourcing and tannic note in the final, before becoming a little more austere, a little more Saint-Estèphe. A little woody too. Very long finish. 
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