2005 Gaudium Gran Vino Marqués de Cáceres Rioja - Spain Red

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Founded in 1970, with its first release in 1975, Marqués de Cáceres the Rioja bodega was established by Henri Forner, whose family has been active in the wine business for generations. The winery is named for a Spanish peer who was also an investor in the winery and a friend of Henri Forner.

The Forner family fled Spain during the Spanish Civil War and settled in France. In the early 1960s, Henri Forner and his brother Elysée bought and restored two abandoned châteaux, Château Camensac and Château Larose-Trintaudon. These châteaux are now recognized as two of the finest properties in Bordeaux. When Henri decided to establish a bodega in his homeland, he selected what he considered the finest viticultural area in Spain: Cenicero in Rioja Alta. Emile Peynaud, former professor and chief wine researcher at the University of Bordeaux, was the initial consultant to the winery. Today, Michel Rolland is a wine consultant at Marqués de Cáceres and Henri and his daughter, Christine, are at the helm.

Dark ruby red color. Intense, fruity bouquet brings to mind aromas of red currants, raspberries and wild strawberries.
On the nose, it is lively, complex and aromatic, where subtle notes of pleasant fruit mingle with a delicate touch of oak.
Fleshy and delicious in the mouth, its powerful structure and soft tannins reveal a pleasant fullness.
A well-balanced wine showing splendid class, that is already drinking very well, while promising to age superbly.

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