2019 Mercurey Joseph Drouhin - Burgundy Red

St Barth’s Wine

At the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise, Mercurey is a rival to the most highly regarded villages of Burgundy. It owes its prominence to the proximity of Châlon, a town which, in Antiquity, had a busy trade notably in tin through its harbor on the Saône River.

Its reputation was already established under the Romans, themselves quite versed in viticulture, and documents going back to 557 and 885 confirm this fact

The depth and bright ruby color of Mercurey give it a seductive look.

On the nose, it is first reminiscent of red fruit jellies, such as raspberry or black currant. As the wine opens up, there are some spicy notes, such as fine leather or brown tobacco.

On the palate, there is no harshness in the body, but a pleasant freshness and delicate texture. Concentrated flavors and sensations of preserved fruit come to the fore and enhance a long, persistent, aftertaste.

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