Menetou-Salon Vignes Ratier 2022 H. Pellé - Loire Valley White C02

Menetou-Salon Vignes Ratier 2022 H. Pellé - Loire Valley White C02

Menetou-Salon Vignes Ratier 2022 H. Pellé - Loire Valley White C02

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This benchmark vintage from Pellé is born on a beautiful 5 hectare plot, facing South and South-West. The vines, around thirty years old, benefit from good sunshine which gives the grapes high maturity and concentration. In addition, the soil is thin (around 40 centimeters) quickly giving way to the Kimmeridgian marl bedrock. The root system of the vine is completely impregnated by these active limestones and is nourished in depth by the mineral elements they contain.

It is this balance between fleshy density, fruity roundness on one side, and this smoky and intensely spicy mineral imprint on the other. Once again, mastery and precision the breedings are admirable: they masterfully combine stainless steel vats, truncated conical wooden vats and demi-muids, serving the fairest possible expression of the fruit and the soil.

From the first nose, the fruit emerges in a ripe, gourmand and voluptuous register, around yellow peach, quince and apple compote, apricot and pear coulis. The ground gives off a smoky note, between cold ash and incense. 

In the mouth, the message evolves noticeably. If we find a beautiful volume of fruit, enlivened by the juicy acidity of stone fruits, blood orange and passion fruit, it is definitely the limestone which leaves its mark. They give the mid-palate an intensely spicy and empyreumatic dimension: we think of powerful pepper and bird's eye chili, but also tonic and lemony notes of coriander seed and lemongrass stick.

The length and energy of the finale are frankly impressive. All our taste buds are in a state of maximum excitement!

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