2015 Barrua Carignano Agricola Punica Sardinia Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

At the moment the Punica Farm produces two great red wines, Barrua and Montessu, and a delicious white wine called Samas. All of them fall under the appellation I.G.T. Isola Dei Nuraghi, originating from typical Sardinian grapes exceptionally blended with some French varietals. In the Sulcis the quality of Carignano is excellent, not only for the color: from tannins to the acid titrant patrimony always temperate and elegant as well as the souplesse of its more relevant components. 

Agripunica is a joint venture between the Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Group and Sardinian winery Cantina di Santadi, Santadi’s President Antonello Pilloni and the legendary Tuscan consulting oenologist Giacomo Tachis.

Composition:  85% Carignano, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot

The quality of the Carignano grape is excellent in the Sulcis area, not only in terms of color but also for the softness of its soluble compounds - from the tannins to the consistently low and elegant acidity and the smoothness of its main components. Its polyphenolic apparel is of a distinguishably sweet, extremely delicate, round tannin weave chromatically embroidered with refined anthocyanins.

Lively, deep ruby red nature's gift of color. Complex scents of mature red fruits, mainly black cherry, spices, notes of licorice and hints of myrtle.An elegant wine that shows exceptional workmanship.

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